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The Adventurers Passport


      • The Adventurers Passport is a printed document that you will receive on taking part in any of our adventures or escape rooms.
      • In it, you will be able to record your times, and we will enter a code that provides you with a single free player on your next adventure/escape room.
      • You can complete the titles in any order, mixing real life escape rooms and virtual reality adventures.
      • Once you have 6 adventures or escape rooms stamped as being played in your passport, you will receive your next one, absolutely free.
      • We are working on an online version too, through our mobile phone app in the Apple and Google Play stores.
      • To obtain your passport, simply book an adventure/escape room and ask for the Adventurers Passport at the end of your session.

You can download and print your passport if you prefer here:

The Adventurers Passport Downloadable


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