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Why is VR recommended for 13 years and over (the science stuff)

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So why is VR recommended for people aged 13 years and older?

Its actually because of a thing called IPD, or Interpupillary Distance, the distance between a persons pupils.

As we grow, human beings heads start small and get bigger. That also means the distance between the pupils starts less, and increases as we get older.

Most HMD's (Head Mounted Devices) are designed with an adjustment for the IPD between distances of a typical 13 year old and the largest average adults distance.

This means that for legal reasons and for the comfort of younger people, the headset manufacturers state that they recommend the systems for children 12 or 13 years and older.

However, many hospitals encourage children to wear VR headsets either to assist with various medical conditions, quite often eye related, or to help keep children calm and restful in stressful situations, such as pre op etc. VR is often used to bring joy and excitement to some people who may not be able to leave a confined area for various different reasons.

In the USA, Honda sponsored a very special VR programme that brought the most wonderful Santa experience for some children who were in hospital. We think this is amazing, and may bring a tear to your eye. The video is to the left, just hit play.

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