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Bring your own headset

Quick Details

If you have your own Quest 2 headset, then you can turbocharge it at Centre VR, by plugging in to our GRID and experience all the titles we offer, including exclusive games and adventures.

Save money too.

Something magical happens when you plug your Quest 2 into our GRID.

Your Quest 2 suddenly has access to over 100 top titles, including some exclusives, and you can bring your friends and colleagues who may not have their own, to play alongside you, or against you.

Choose from “Your Choice”, adventures, or Tower Tag, to feel the power of the Centre VR GRID.

Available now.

Get £10 off your booking when buying your Half Price Club code, or £5 whenever you use a Half Price Club Code.

A special check box will appear when you make your booking to let us know you will be bringing your own headset, and reduce the price accordingly.

Try those titles to the max before you buy, experience tons of titles without buying them, play titles that the Quest 2 cannot do alone, such as Half Life Alyx, Google Earth, Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, Boneworks, Westworld and Pay Day.

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