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Centre VR Half Price Club – Terms and Conditions

Every membership to the Centre VR Half Price Club is on a per person basis, and the half price relates only to the members booking for the member. A separate and valid code must be presented for each participant engaging in any VR experience at Centre VR in order to receive the half price offer.

Should a half price offer ever result in a minus figure, no monies will be paid to any customers in this case, and nothing owed to the member.

The Centre VR membership card and offer has no financial value.

Centre VR reserves the right to withhold, cancel or withdraw Membership to the Centre VR Half Price Club should abuse of the system be suspected, or if in appropriate behaviour be displayed by a member. This includes inappropriate behaviour towards the staff of Centre VR and other members of the public.

In the event of any global or local situation that prevents Centre VR from being open to the public, Centre VR will make every endeavour to pause any membership benefits for members.

No refunds will be available for purchase of Centre VR Half Price Membership, except at the discretion of the management of Centre VR Limited.

The duration of the membership will be from the date of purchase, or first booking (at the choice of the customer) and be current and active until the same date in the following month in the case of a monthly membership, or the following year for an annual membership. Depending on the month, this will vary the number of days that a membership can be used.

A membership cannot be transferred to another person once used for the first time. ID must be presented by the member when requested, otherwise the management reserve the right to withdraw the half price offer for that session.

Centre VR staff must be satisfied that the membership is not being misused or abused in order to allow the half price offer to relate to a booking. Centre VR will do all it can to ensure that the offer is available, and only in exceptional circumstances, or that of obvious abuse withdraw the offer.

Centre VR offers the Half Price Club Membership as a generous way to allow members to enjoy more virtual reality experiences at lower prices, and the intent of the offer should be taken into account by all parties when taking advantage of the offer.

Centre VR reserves the right to withdraw the membership option at any time in the future. If this become necessary, Centre will provide credit in some other fashion to members to provide the same benefit as that remaining on any active memberships.


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