Centre VR

Covert Syndrome

Age Restriction: +18

  • Bh1

  • Shooter

Play Type: Single Player|Online Multi|Local Multi|Co-op

Comfort Level: Red

Covert Syndrome is a free to play Coop corridor shooter with a focus on unscripted AI and fast tough combat. 
Created as a prototyping project we wanted to release it to the community so people can experience Co-op VR for free. 
The game consists of 6 combat zones with each zone having multiple waves of enemies. Player take possession of a mechanized agent with a mission to eliminate all enemies while minimizing unnecessary usage of energy. (You energy is both your health AND your ammo.. shoot wisely!)
There is also a firing range where you can practice acquiring and eliminating targets.
After a round players can travel back to the lobby and check out how many credits they earned for their mission. (Best scores are recorded in steam leaderboard)
Don't forget to read the instructions board at the entrance! it will make your experience much more enjoyable!

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