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a person posing for the cameraHello Bournemouth University Cyberpsychology students. In collaboration with the Centre VR, welcome to the registration page for your VR experiences between now and 5th February 2021.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to be able to explore the latest in VR technology experiences and games, for you to apply the psychological knowledge you have been learning this semester.

We are excited to announce a special educational rate for your VR experience of just £15 for one hour of “Your Choice” (usually £35), plus any adventure for just £10 per person for ALL participants, (usually £35 per person).

The special educational rate is only available to the cyber psychology students who either have taken the final year unit option of the Psychology of Social Media and Video Games unit or are on the BSc Cyberpsychology course. You will be asked to provide your student ID number and full name on registration form to get the special rate. On the day please bring your student ID card. When booking a date and time please be aware that this offer is only valid during the weekdays between Monday and Friday as it is an educational visit.

You are welcome to organise among yourselves if you wanted to meet up with those in your seminar group/unit, please check and be aware of government guidelines at the time of your visit. You also are welcome and encouraged to bring friends and family with you during your visit and will receive the reduced rate on adventures, but they will have to pay the normal rates on YOUR CHOICE. If they are students there is also a student discount which may apply. Any questions please contact [email protected]

Happy Holidays!
Dr Sarah Hodge

BU Cyberpsychology students

  • We are pleased to offer you special rates for bookings on select options at Centre VR.
  • Please browse the Centre VR web site (click here to open our home page in a new window) and choose your activity, then return to this page to make your booking.
  • Our web site also has a wealth of information about Virtual Reality, different experiences etc.
  • You will be asked to enter your student ID to ensure you are eligible for these rates. Please note they are for you and your party only. Others taking part in adventures WILL receive the special rates.
  • Should you have any queries, please call 01202 878 300.




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