Centre VR





Centre VR has a vision to provide the school children and students of the region the ability to experience one of the most engaging forms of education that technology offers today - Virtual Reality.

The ability to transport students to a world where anything can be done is extremely powerful. The virtual reality can become a time machine, as it can place students at the very heart of an event in any time period, immersed in their surroundings. Gravity can be controlled, a vacuum created, space travel and travel around the world can be accomplshed in seconds. The possibilities are endless.


Centre VR uses the very best VR technology available, the HTC Vive Pro, an amazing headset and tracking system that boasts extremely high resolution images (75% more pixels than its closest rival), superior comfort, high quality spatial audio and the ability for the user to walk around and interact in the virtual world. It also requires a powerful computer to run the demanding requirements of VR, tracking hardware and bluetooth controllers.


The hardware technology provides the platfrom, but of course, the software is extremely important.

Centre VR is working with the leading, publicly listed, award winning and most famous innovator in the sector - Immersive VR Education.

The Apollo 11 and Titanic VR experiences are two of their very best educational titles that we showcase, but the company have also developed ENGAGE. This groundbreaking title will offer teachers the tools they need to create their own engaging lessons in VR, similar to creating a PowerPoint presentation, but so much more immersive and memorable. A true experience, shared by the whole class.

Cente VR is pleased to be one of the first locations in the world to offer an entire class of 30 students the oppurtunity to share a lesson in VR together.


From February 2019 CentreVR will be accepting bookings for entire classes for half day sessions. There are a limited number of sessions available. Each session will run for a morning or afternoon, Monday through Friday during term time.

Three options are available:

  1. We will provide a choice of three session programmes of educational, fun, challenging and exciting virtual reality experiences. Each will include an introduction to VR technology, varied educational elements and some game play fun for the students at the end.

  2. We will work with educators to create a bespoke session for a class, researching and recommending software to support the chosen topics. Sessions can be tailored to suit any specific requirement or topic.

  3. Educators will be able to book our areas and equipment for their own dedicated use, running Engage or any other software.


Educators will be provided with a comprehensive itinerary and are able to trial and experience a session beforehand if required. Educators can also experience the sessions along with the children.

Our brand new BH1 location will feature a classroom with state of the art audio visual facilities incorporating a large screen TV and projection systems plus more than 30 VR headsets, networked together, to allow simultaneous experiences where software is capable.

There is a large outdoor car park which can accomodate full size coaches and double decker buses which is in a secluded area , perfect for student drop off. The entrance to Centre VR is just a few yards away.

Virtual Reality can present every subject in a new and dynamic way. Historic events can be recreated and explained, time can be stopped to allow analysis of these events. Physics and Science can be seen through animations and you have unpresedented control of the surroundings. Biology can be shown with spectacular and unrivalled detail and the ability to travel the world in seconds can provide an amazing perspective.

We aim to provide educators in the region with the most comprehensive support for this most amazing technology to engage their students in the unique, memorable and most immersive experiences that virtual reality can provide.

Morning or afternoon sessions are £15.00 per child. Transport not included. Vending machines are provided with an area for eating and drinking.

Please call 01202 372 372 to discuss your visits, or email colin@centrevr.co.uk