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Have a look at this short video clip from the BBC's 1966 Panorama programme.
Then see if you think this could be the reason that most of the World's giant tech companies are in Silicon Valley, California.


Centre VR is unique in The World, offering 30 stations of the best in Virtual Reality equipment to enable entire classes of all age ranges to experience, learn in, learn about, and use, VR today.













Centre VR has a vision to provide the school children and students of the region the ability to experience one of the most engaging forms of education that technology offers today - Virtual Reality.

The ability to transport students to a world where anything can be done is extremely powerful. The virtual reality can become a time machine. It can place students at the very heart of an event in any time period, immersed in their surroundings. Gravity can be controlled, a vacuum created, space travel and travel around the world can be accomplshed in seconds. The possibilities are endless.

We can also help the students to learn about the technology behind VR and show them the possibilities it offers in the future. We can show how the business world has truly ebraced VR right now.

Most Universities around the world, including Bournemouth University, offer courses on how to create virtual reality using specialist software. 


The hardware technology provides the platfrom, but of course, the software is extremely important.

Centre VR is working with the leading, publicly listed, award winning and most famous innovator in the sector - Immersive VR Education.

The Apollo 11 and Titanic VR experiences are two of their very best educational titles that we showcase, but the company have also developed ENGAGE. This groundbreaking title will offer teachers the tools they need to create their own engaging lessons in VR, similar to creating a PowerPoint presentation, but so much more immersive and memorable. A true experience, shared by the whole class.

Cente VR is pleased to be one of the first locations in the world to offer an entire class of 30 students the oppurtunity to share a lesson in VR together.


Centre VR uses the very best VR technology available, the HTC Vive Pro, an amazing headset and tracking system that boasts extremely high resolution images (75% more pixels than its closest rival), superior comfort, high quality spatial audio, and the ability for the user to walk around and interact in the virtual world. It also requires a powerful computer to run the demanding requirements of VR, tracking hardware and bluetooth controllers.

The precision of the tracking is unprecedented, allowing students to interact wih the virtual environentt fully.

Our comprehensive communications systems includes wireless audio headsets that allows teachers to walk around the participating students, watching their activites on the surrounding monitors. Although many titles are individual, simultaneous launching can put all students into the same environment with communication between them.


Head Teacher, Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth

Working alongside Centre VR to deliver our curriculum programmes has opened up a whole new world of teaching and learning to our pupils and staff. The immersive experiences have brought to life their topics of study and allowed them to travel into space, explore the ocean depths, walk the streets of ancient Rome, sit at Van Gogh's cafe table and scale the highest peaks. It has enhanced every aspect of the curriculum from the Early Years to Sixth Form. It has inspired teachers and pupils alike, enabling us to create innovative and groundbreaking lessons where pupils' imaginations know no bounds. The support of the Centre VR team has been superb and they have ensured that our experience working with them has been excellent. 

Best wishes

Angharad Holloway






From September 2019 CentreVR will be accepting bookings for entire classes for 90 minute to 2 hour sessions. There are a limited number of sessions available. Sessions will run Monday through Friday during term time.

  • Teachers are free to visit Centre VR and use the facilities to research, try and test VR experiences and prepare for lessons at no cost, subject to availability. This includes the use of the meeting room and kitchen.
  • We have a safe and secure open car park capable of accepting coaches and buses with a direct and short route to the entrance of Centre VR.
  • We provide lockers at no charge.
  • We provide free chilled and filtered water with cordial for all students, and kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities for teachers.
  • Teachers can select titles beforehand from our web site list of educational software available here. Other games and experiences can also be included from this list, and we encourage some games to be included in a session.
  • Free taster sessions for teachers are available at any time, subject to availability.
  • We are keen to work with educators to create bespoke sessions for classes, researching and recommending software to support any topics. Sessions can be tailored to suit any specific requirement or topic.
  • Free use of the Centre VR function room is included with large video display, audio system, online PC with MS Office. (seats 8 comfortably, max 20)
  • Free use of the large screen and projector and PA system with 2 x radio mics.
  • A presentation on the equipment and technology of Virtual Reality can be included if requested at no extra charge.
  • Centre VR will provide staff to observe the students whilst they participate in VR.
  • We have vending machines providing hot and cold drinks and snacks.


Virtual Reality can present every subject in a new and dynamic way. Historic events can be recreated and explained, time can be stopped to allow analysis of events. Science experiments can be presented through animations with unpresedented control of the surroundings. Biology media can be shown with spectacular and unrivalled detail. The ability to travel the world in seconds can provide tremendous scopr for Geography and History lessons.

We aim to provide educators in the region with the most comprehensive support for this most amazing technology, to engage their students in the unique, memorable and most immersive experiences that virtual reality can provide.

Sessions are £15.00 per child. Transport not included.

Please call Kat Savosina or Colin Parnell on 01202 878 300 to discuss your visits, or email or