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Categories: Sport / Experience / Driving / Flying / Shooter /  Battle / Puzzle inc. Escape Rooms / Great For Children

Our comfort level icon suggests the liklihood of feeling uncomfortable, dizzy, scared, or if a title includes jump scares.

  • Green - Should be safe and gentle for most people to enjoy, including children.

  • Amber - May include elements which introduce motion sickness or include slightly shocking experiences. As most games and experiences include some kind of motion system and level of excitement, this is the most common attribute.

  • Red  - Could  cause motion sickness or nausea, may be scary, contain jump scares, or other content not suitable for anyone with a nervous disposition.

  • Centre VR Favourite

  • Early Access or Beta title

Please choose carefully, Virtual Reality is VERY immersive and is underestimated by many people. Choose responsibly for you and your party...

Take some cues from the video and images shown for a title, and the descriptions. Perhaps Google any title you are particularly keen to play if you are not sure.

Virtual Reality is in it's infancy, so not all titles are finished titles.

Due to the infancy of the virtual reality sector, some titles are not fully finished, and may be in beta or early access. These titles may have small glitches or bugs. We cannot be responsible for these issues, as we are sure you will appreciate, and cannot offer refunds for any issues that may be caused by them. That being said, our team will do all they can to ensure you have the best possible experience in virtual reality. We do show titles which are in Beta/Early Access with an  icon to help you decide.

All titles are not available to us.

We offer as many premium titles as we possibly can, where the developers allow licensing of their titles. If a title is not listed here, it is almost certainly because the developer has not licensed the title for commercial use. We, and our partners, are constantly trying to add to our list.

Some titles are more complicated than others to learn, use, or play.

Our staff are unable to help you learn a particular titles controls or gameplay system. Most titles have a comprehensive tutorial or instructions within, or are very intuitive. However, we do recommend you look online ahead of your visit to perhaps become familiar with the rules and controls of titles you may choose.

Centre VR and its staff cannot be held responsible for any issue caused...

by the choice of a title because an experience is so subjective. It is therefore for us to be absolutely correct at all times, so please take our assistance as advice only, and make your own choices.

Although there are a lot of things to consider when entering Virtual Reality (you are visiting another world, after all) we do really hope you have as much fun as possible while with us. Our team will do all they can to ensure this.

Please note that all titles for VR - Your Choice are not available at our BH2 location due to space restrictions.