Centre VR


Early Access or Beta Game

Age Restriction: +7

  • Bh1

  • Experience
  • Flying
  • Great for children

Play Type: Single Player

Comfort Level: Green

When the Crashimals heard that the Kaiser’s cakes are so good he’s going to take over the world, they decided to stop him! Play as a variety of animals in a “VR Angry Birds with Airplanes” game. The unique control scheme has an arrow pointing from one controller to the other and the plane will follow that direction. Your arms get get tangled up as you fly around bombing destructible puzzles in your attempt to destroy all the cakes. 
You get extra points for each piece of the structure destroyed, and lose points for any presents blown up. Do it all with the least number of bombs for the highest score! 
Simple VR Flight Controls
4 Environments
5 1/2 Flyable Airplanes! (Pigeon doesn't fly so well)
72 Challenging Puzzles
High level of VR comfort

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