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Crazy Golf – Amazing in VR (1-5 players)

Quick Details

No Crazy Golf is better than Crazy Golf in VR!

60 Minutes
Per Player
Special Launch Offer
Per Player

The most amazing crazy golf in the universe is available at Centre VR.

Choose from four fabulous 18 hole courses, Babylon, Shangri La, Sweetopia, and more.

A session is for time, so you can choose to swap and change, or try to complete a whole course in your time, which varies on the number of players and how you play.

Its a truly amazing experience to play in these wonderful locations, including a space station.

Experience Crazy Golf like never before on the WILDEST courses imaginable. Fly above the action. Replay your shots. Talk to each other as you play and never get sunburn or rained off.


Why try Crazy Golf in VR?

-No worries about rain or bad weather
-No worries of sunburn or heat stroke
-Amazing courses and obstacles
-Feel completely immersed in a whole new world as you play
-No getting stuck behind other groups
-Never lose your ball
-No need to run back through a long course if you or the kids need the toilet
-The kids can’t do any damage to themselves or others with virtual clubs
-Different courses mean a completely different experience every time
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