Centre VR

Dungeon Escape

Age Restriction: Not categorised

  • Bh1

  • Puzzle/Escape Room

Play Type: Single Player

Comfort Level: Green

In Dungeon Escape VR you find yourself trapped in a dungeon cell.
To escape you need to solve various puzzles and challenges. 
Featuring challenges such as safes, labyrinth-puzzles, buzzwire and more.
Look in drawers and break objects to find what you need to get out. 
Search your cell by picking up and interacting with objects. 
Can you find all the clues and solve the puzzles to get out?
Challenging puzzles with increasing difficulty.
Test yourself in both logic puzzles and skill-based challenges.
Features both pickupable objects as well as destructible objects.
Immersive environment.
Room-scale support.
Teleportation support.

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