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Early Access or Beta Game

Age Restriction: +7

  • Bh1

  • Experience

Play Type: Single Player|Co-op

Comfort Level: Amber

Make music with confidence, no matter your skill level: Electronauts sets the stage for you to DJ, perform, and make music magic in virtual reality. Immerse yourself in an interactive sonic environment where you build, drop, remix, and jam with your friends and top artists. Create songs, crush sets, and express yourself like never before. 
Explore a vast library of sounds, stems, loops, tracks, effects, and more to arrange, play, perform, and create your own songs and experiential worlds to be sonically explored.
Top Artists: Play inside of your favorite artists and tracks - across EDM, hip-hop, trap, and countless other genres - in a way that you’ve never experienced before.
Music Reality Engine™: Make music with confidence. The Music Reality Engine™ always keeps your sounds bumpin’ on the beat, so you always sound great.
Create: Play virtual instruments made possible by VR. Record loops and sequences, layer filters, arrange and compose songs to your style. 
Remix: Remix and mashup tracks from top artists and songs, adding your own unique spin to music that you know and love to make it your own. 
Perform: Put on a killer show and crush your set with surreal, reactive visuals and dynamic spectator cameras.
Trip Out: Your performance doesn’t just affect your track: the surrounding environment evolves into dynamic new worlds as you create.


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