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Everyday Golf VR

Age Restriction: +3

  • Bh1

  • Sport

Play Type: Single Player|Multi Player|Co-op

Comfort Level: Green

EVERYDAY GOLF VR is a realistic golf VR game.
We have been continuously mulling over how to improve user convenience without losing realism so that people can easily play our game whether they are familiar with golf or not.
In addition, we have been focusing on minimizing VR motion sickness. Once the graphic options are set appropriately, users will be able to play EVERYDAY GOLF VR comfortably, and so will those who are not familiar with VR.
Enjoy real golf regardless of weather or time!
Game Mode
• Single-player mode for clearing 63 different holes one by one
• Competitive mode for up to four people to play together on one device
• Tour Mode which you can challenge for the big prize once a day
User Convenience
• Swing analysis; Head-up status, swing trajectory, club head launch angle, swing speed, carry and run distance, etc.
• Minimal movement → VR nausea reduction
• Switch to the green reading screen when you are seated
• Left-handed mode (Vive only)

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