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Age Restriction: Not categorised

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Play Type: Single Player

Comfort Level: Amber

HELI is not a VR game per say. It is a VR app that emulates helicopter flights around New York city. The tours are not interactive and the simulator is a lot of fun but simplified for easy play. HELI is an exploration of the exhilarating aviation and tourism experience.
HELI is full room scale VR: you can physically move around the helicopter. 
Do not judge it against FPS VR games: the helicopter is not equipped with rockets. (yet)
Experience the thrill of flying with the doors off for truly unhindered panoramic views. Check out several real-life helicopter tours captured in stunning high-definition.
Want to put your pilot skills to the test? Take the controls in your own hands as you pilot a helicopter in the flight simulator.
You’re about to take off on one of the most knee-trembling and breathtaking experiences in VR. Step onto the gargoyle of the Chrysler Building.


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