Centre VR

The Wizards

Age Restriction: +12

  • Bh2
  • Bh1

  • Experience

Play Type: Single Player

Comfort Level: Red

Use motion controllers to destroy your enemies by weaving magic into lightning, fireballs, and other elemental spells. Chain combos and use different tactics against the hostile creatures. Make the game as challenging or as casual as you like with Fate Cards, and become the hero you’ve always wanted to be with powerful spells at your fingertips!
Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a rich fantasy world
Campaign featuring time travel, heroic battles and dragons
Intuitive system of casting spells with hand gestures
Six element-based spells to learn and upgrade
High replayability thanks to game-modifying Fate Cards
Arena mode with challenging battles on the arenas
Free movement and/or teleportation-based exploration

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