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Tower Tag / RevolVR / ARENA

Quick Details

1 Game (15 Minutes)
Per Player
3 Games (45 Minutes)
Per Player
5 Games (60 Minutes)
Per Player

Play any of 3 Laser Tag Style Virtual Reality Titles

Tower Tag is our signature game of virtual reality laser tag where up to eight players can play together across two teams in giant futuristic arenas.

Experience the next generation of laser tag! Tower Tag offers an intuitive method of movement that provides a very dynamic gaming experience.

Players are issued with special haptic vests enabling them to feel the bullets! So claim those towers and dodge those bullets. Put on your headset, and step into the game!

Multiple game types and levels are available, plus the ability to play with, or against, AI bots.


RevolVR is a cowboy style free for all, set in the future. Changing levels, awesome weapons, and a western environment makes this experience unique.


ARENA allows players to traverse large arenas to shoot each other in a futuristic battle. Players have shields and a choice of weapons.


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