Centre VR

Traffic Cop

Age Restriction: +7

  • Bh2
  • Bh1

  • Shooter
  • Great for children

Play Type: Single Player

Comfort Level: Green

With rhythm & perception keep traffic flowing through the intersection using a strategic plan for cars traveling at different speeds from all 8 lanes to avoid collisions & minimize delays.

Drivers in traffic jams become unpredictable, blowing through the intersection causing accidents or even throwing things at you. When you find food flying towards your face, you can always duck, dodge, catch or throw it back at them if you're feisty!

Break up the work day with mini games. Protect the city from Aliens with your ray gun, & use your sling shot to plink giant birds!

20 Levels of traffic to direct.
3 Mini-Games: Alien Attack, Bird Hunt & Burger Toss (A total of 12 levels of difficulty!)
Full emersion reactive environment
Destroy city property
Cause accidents!

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