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Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)

Early Access or Beta Game

Age Restriction: Not categorised

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Play Type: Multi Player

Comfort Level: Green

*Be sure to read the early access section to understand the current state of the game versus the final state, and your benefits as early access users!*
"You can absolutely do it all: Jabs, hooks, crossovers, Dempsey roll, you name it, all your favourite boxing/fighting moves can now be done inside the virtual world. You have been granted an injury and jail-free opportunity to brutally smash a ‘someone’, dodging and parry all his/her moves and plotting your own match-winning manoeuvres. Make no mistake, your opponent is a real person, and this next-gen PvP Fighter game was made possible by VR and brought to you by Virtual Fighting Championship."
- L&L Dev Team
“We Put ‘Sport’ into Gaming, and ‘Gaming’ into Sport.”
VFC is a game that combines PvP competitive gaming with MMA
Players can perform all the advanced body movements including but not limited to ‘duck’, ‘body tilt’, 'dash' and ’jump’, you can also 'dance' if that's part of your tactics... All the attacking moves including but not limited to ‘jab’, ‘cross-over’, ‘hook’, ‘360 punches’ can be thrown given that if you know how to do it in real life. 
Every action you do in VFC, the effectiveness of it in combat, mirrors their practicality in real life, so get a black belt in martial art helps :)
Features in VFC:
LAN and online multiplayer PvP - no locomotion, but free roam :)
Post game analytics and calories burned calculation - so you know that you had great fun as well as a great training session !
A competitive VR e-Sport with Online ranking and Matchmaking systems (coming soon) - You can be your local VFC title holder, your name will be heard worldwide !
Single player campaign (coming Soon)
Practice modes to help you become a better fighter in game as well as in real life (coming soon)
Stop memorising combo sequences! In this next-gen fighting game in VR, your body is your controller!
VFC features accurate fists tracking, as well as full body posture simulation and re-engineering, allowing a true to life virtual martial art fighting experience.
Wasn't it great that in VFC you can utilize your own actual speed, strength, and endurance to help you conquer your opponent? 
...Not great? What you mean?! ah, don't worry, VFC is ultimately designed to make all type of body form be competitive. VFC will have special abilities in game designed to make the play style more dynamic and varied. So seek to exploit your own distinct advantage and avoid your disadvantages!
What VFC brings to the table:
1. Frame to frame accuracy in PvP melee combat interactions
• Each ‘physical assault’ is tracked based on its speed of movement and calculated to quantify their power and hence translate into damage dealt with each hit.
• There is no random ‘critical strike’ feature in the game because a strike is only critical if it is indeed, critical.
• Highly accurate real-time hit-box recognition (many game suffers from this, became VR tracking doesn't perform well under high speed movements, but VFC solved this problem with high satisfaction.)
• The player can parry, and dodge with highly intuitive sensory accuracy.
2. Real-time body posture reconstruction - enabling all your boxing moves
• Using only the hand held VR controllers, VFC simulates the player’s body posture using reverse engineering mechanics, so, inside the game, your in-game avatar will track your actual body movements quite closely (of course let's not pretend weird things wouldn't happen haha!)
3. Motion Sickness Free
We have had thousands of game trails with different individuals when we exhibited VFC at 2016 PAX AUS and received only one case of motion sickness response, which we think are an outlier consider our sample size is large enough.
To succeed in VFC, lets heed the words from the master himself:
“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water into a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”
- Bruce Lee

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