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What is Virtual Reality?

It’s a technology involving a headset with 3D vision and amazing (positional) sound that allows you to feel like you are somewhere else. We like to describe it as being "in" a game or movie like experience, not just watching it on a screen. You can look around and hear everything around you, just as if you are there. In multiplayer, you may be able to see the others in your party too. You will not be able to see any of the “normal” world, or hear anything from outside. You can walk around, crouch, jump and interact with most elements in the environment by using the controllers in your hands.

What type of thing can you do in Virtual Reality and are the experiences and games rated?

Virtual Reality experiences and games can be made from anything that can be filmed or created in a computer, so the possibilities are truly endless. You can be shooting, flying, driving, jumping, floating, fighting, swimming, creating, in fact you can do almost anything! There are gentle experiences and high octane ones. There can be furious action, calm reflection or fun inspirational scenes. You can be scared witless if you wish, with some very scary and frightening experiences. VR can be really scary, trust us, so please take care when choosing you first titles.

Our team can help you you choose the right experiences and we have a ratings system to allow you to see the type of experience each title will provide. Some games are subject to age ratings and restrictions which we are legally required to adhere to, however our system has the facility to show only age appropriate experiences.

You can see the wide selection of games and experiences by clicking here. Age ratings are also listed for each.

Is there a waiver to sign?

Yes there is. You can click here to read it before your arrival. You will not be able to participate if you do not sign it. Those guests aged under 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign the waiver on their behalf.

Are there any restrictions to prevent me from experiencing VR?

There are no age restrictions for the use of the equipment but the VR headset manufacturers recommend 7 years plus because of a) the physical dimensions of the headsets and b) the fully immersive nature of the experience (which some younger children could find a little overwhelming). There are also some physical and mental conditions which could prevent you from being able to experience VR. (Why 7+? Click here for the answer.)

Can I leave my children in your care whilst they play VR?

Unfortunately not. All under 16's must be accompanied by an adult throughout their visit to Centre VR, as our Team Members cannot be responsible for them.

Do I have to wear anything special?

Our main attraction Tower Tag has special vests which will add to the experience whilst you are immersed in the virtual world. It wont hurt though, we promise. Of course you need to wear the headsets to see everything in the virtual world. Other than that we just recommend sensible shoes.

When should I arrive for my slot?

We need to give you a short introductory briefing to ensure your time in VR is the best it can be and safe too. The slots are not able to be easily moved, so if you miss yours, we cannot guarantee you will get another chance that day. Our locations are situated amongst some of the best shopping and dining venues in Bournemouth though, so we suggest you arrive nice and early to the site. We recommend you check in at least 10 minutes before your booking time to give you plenty of time.

Can I have my Child's Party/Company Night Out/Team Building/Birthday Party at Centre VR?

At Centre VR we love parties! All parties! If you want to celebrate it, we want to host it! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!

Can I extend my time in VR?

Yes you can, in most instances. We can't bear the thought of you having to stop, just as you get to THAT point!
(Please note this option is offered subject to other bookings).

How good is the equipment?

We have the absolute best equipment in the VR market (Vive, Vive Pro, Samsung Odyssey, Rift S, Quest) plus all the best peripherals, a knowledgeable and friendly team and a great, big, dedicated space to play in. And we have lots of them, so you can play with, or against, your family, friends, or even enemies!

Are food and drinks allowed?

We only ask that you don’t eat or drink in the play zones, but anywhere else is fine. We have a dedicated snack and view areas.

Can the others in my party watch me experience VR?

 Yes, spectators can watch your progress on any of the many screens we have in our Centre. But really, wouldn’t they rather be in there with you helping, or fighting you? VR is fantastic fun for everyone, and we encourage all to try it.

Do you have lockers?

Yes we do, but only a limited number, so please arrive in good time to secure one for yourself. We cannot be held responsible for your belongings on site.

How many of my party can play together in one game?

Our signature title, Tower Tag allows up to 8 players across two teams. Some other multiplayer titles feature more players. Please check our experiences listing page here.

Can I wear glasses in the VR headset?

Many small and normal sized glasses will fit inside the headset, but some larger frames may not fit. If you can wear contact lenses or not wear your glasses, then you may find that more comfortable.

Is there a better solution for people who wear glasses?

Yes there is. If you are a frequent player or are thinking of buying a VR headset, you might be interested in this company that can supply special prescription lenses that actually fit inside the VR headset that you specify. You can see their web site here.

Can I choose what I will experience before I arrive or see the titles available?

Yes you can and we encourage it. Click on LIST OF TITLES to see a list of all the titles, with links to descriptions, videos and features, complete with age ratings and search filters.

Is there nearby accommodation when visiting Centre VR?

Bournemouth offers a range a local hotels. Travelodge Bournemouth has a numbers of nearby hotels and they are offering Centre VR customers a 5% discount on their next stay. Travelodge Bournemouth Seafront is the closest hotel to Centre VR. Register your details here to receive your discount code for your next visit to Centre VR in Bournemouth. 

Choosing Your Titles

Please choose your titles carefully, Virtual Reality is VERY immersive and is underestimated by many people. Please choose responsibly for you and your party...

Take some guidance from the video and images shown for each title, and also their descriptions. Perhaps Google any title you are particularly keen to play if you are not sure.

Virtual Reality is in it's infancy, so not all titles are finished titles...

Due to the infancy of the virtual reality sector, some titles are not fully finished and may be in beta or early access. These titles may have small glitches or bugs. We cannot be responsible for these issues, as we are sure you will appreciate, and cannot offer refunds for any issues that may be caused by them. That being said, our team members will do their best to ensure you have the best possible experience in virtual reality and offer alternative experiences where possible. We do show titles which are in Beta/Early Access with an  icon to help you decide.

Not all titles are available to us...

We offer as many premium titles as we possibly can, where the developers allow licensing of their titles. If a title is not listed here, it is almost certainly because the developer has not licensed the title for commercial use. We, and our partners, are constantly trying to add to our list, so check back regularly if you think there is something we are missing!

Some titles are more complicated than others to learn, use and play.

Our team members will endeavour to help you with particular titles controls or gameplay system, but with over 50 titles they can't know every game inside out. Most titles have a comprehensive tutorial or instructions within to help you play, and many are very intuitive. However, we do recommend you look online ahead of your visit to perhaps become familiar with the rules and controls of titles you may choose.

Centre VR and its team members cannot be held responsible for any issue caused...

by the choice of a title because all experiences are so subjective. We will do our best to offer our advice, but these are the opinions of the individual team member you have spoken to. Using our online tools to make your choice before visiting will always give an objective view.

Although there are a lot of things to consider when entering Virtual Reality (you are visiting another world after all) we do really hope you have as much fun as possible while with us. Our team members are here to help ensure you enjoy your time in VR.

We cannot guarantee any specific title is available at any specific site even though it may be displayed on this web site. If you are looking to play a specific game we recommend calling us in advance to confirm its availability.

The following titles listed below are booked separately

  • Tower Tag
  • Your Choice
  • Escape Rooms
Are there any special considerations for players under 7 years of age?

We recommend VR for players over 7 years of age due the size of the headsets and, although children under 7 will almost certainly enjoy the experience, it can be overwhelming and difficult for young minds to comprehend the control systems on some titles.

For under 7 years however, we do insist that an adult supervises them the entire time and no refunds will be given if the child doesnt like the experience or is unable to manage the system in any way. We ask that parent use their judgement as to whether their young children will be able to manage the virtual reality world, remembering it is extremely engaging and immersive and realistic.

Our staff members will offer help when possible.

Are some gift cards unable to be processed on line?

If your code has numbers only (no letters) your code cannot be used to book online, so please call us on 01202 878300 to book, or you can visit our store.

If you code does include letters then you can also book online. Just enter the code on the bookings screen when this is displayed  .

When should I arrive for my booking?

We ask that you arrive in good time, at least 5 minutes before your booking time.
Slots are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

What happens if I arrive late and miss my slot?

If you do miss your slot by more than 5 minutes we cannot guarantee that you can play on the same day,
though our team members will try their best to accommodate you.


What if I have more questions or wish to contact someone from Centre VR?

Please ask our friendly team members on site, email us at support@centrevr.co.uk or call 01202 878300