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What is Virtual Reality?

It’s a technology involving a headset with 3D vision and amazing (positional) sound that allows you to feel like you are somewhere else. We like to describe it as being "in" a game or movie like experience, not just watching it on a screen. You can look around and hear everything around you, just as if you are there. In multiplayer, you may be able to see the others in your party too. You will not be able to see any of the “normal” world, or probably hear anything from outside too. You can walk around, crouch, jump and interact with most elements in the environment by using controllers in your hands, and sometimes, with your actual hands.


What type of thing can you do in Virtual Reality and are the experiences and games rated?

Virtual Reality experiences and games can be made from anything that can be filmed or created in a computer, so the possibilities are truly endless. You can be shooting, flying, driving, jumping floating, fighting, swimming, creating, in fact, anything! There are gentle experiences, and high octane ones. There can be furious action, and fun and inspirational scenes. You can be scared witless if you wish, with some very scary and frightening experiences. VR can actually be really scary, trust us, so please take care when choosing you first titles. Our team can help you you choose the right experiences, and we have a ratings system to allow you to see the type of experience each title will provide. Our system also only shows you age appropriate titles to choose from. You can see the wide selection of games and experiences by clicking here.


Is there a waiver to sign?

Yes there is. You can click here to read it before your arrival. You will not be able to participate if you do not sign it. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian will need to read it and sign it on your behalf, with your permission. 


Are there any restrictions to prevent me from experiencing VR?

There are no age restrictions, but the VR headset manufacturers recommend over 7, only because of the size of the headsets and distance between the lenses are designed for 7 and up. There are some physical and mental conditions that could prevent you from being able to play. (Why 13+? Click here for the answer.)


Do I have to wear anything special?

Some of our titles have special vests which will provide extra feelings while you are immersed in the other worlds. It wont hurt though, we promise. Of course you need those special goggles to see everything in the virtual world.


When should I arrive for my slot?

We need to give you a short introductrion briefing to ensure your time in VR is the best it can be, and safe. The slots are not able to be easily moved, so if you miss yours, we cannot guarantee you will get another chance, that day. There is plenty to do in all of the venues that we are located in, so we suggest you arrive nice and early to the site. We recommend you check in at least 15 minutes before your slot starts.


Can I have my childrens party, company team building event etc, at Centre VR

We would love to provide you with the VR facilities for your party or event. However, in our current locations, we cannot provide any special food or extra, specific seating areas. The venues where we are located do have a huge range of dining options though, and we would be happy to provide some ideas and details.


Can I extend my time in VR?

Yes you can in most instances, right from inside the virtual world, you just authorise the continuation whilst in there. We cant bear the thought of you having to stop, just as you get to THAT point!


How good is the equipment?

We have the absolute best equipment in the VR market, (Vive, Vive Pro, Samsung Odyssey, Rift, PSVR) plus all the best peripherals, a knowledgeable and friendly team, and a great, big, dedicated space to play in. Oh yes, and we have lots of them, so you can play with, or against, your family, friends, or even enemies!


Are food and drinks allowed?

We only ask that you don’t eat or drink in the play zones, but anywhere else is fine, especially in our "snack and view" viewing areas of course.


What is the Snack & View area

Our clever screen system allows us to put the VR view of any headset on any monitor in the viewing areas. Simply tell us where you are sitting and we will do our best to put the video you want on a screen close by. This means you can snack, and view the action.


Can the others in my party watch me experience VR?

 Yes. We have plenty of areas to watch which we call "Snack & View". Spectators can request any TV to watch any player on. But really, why wouldn’t they rather be in there with you, helping, or fighting you?


Do you have lockers?

Yes we do in some locations, but a limited number, so please arrive in good time to secure one for yourself. We cannot be held responsible for your belongings on site though.


How many of my party can play?

Many of our multiplayer titles can offer a lot of players, up to 10 people can race in our driving games for example, and up to 6 people can compete in a Tower Tag match (3v3). Multiplayer games are clearly identified on our experiences listing page here.


Can I play in a play zone right next to others in my party?

Yes you can, most of the time, as the stations are selected on-line. If you don’t specifically book it however, our team can try to re-arrange the stations for you.


Can I wear glasses in the VR headset?

Many small and normal sized glasses will fit inside the headset, but some larger frames may not fit. If you can wear contact lenses or not wear your glasses, then we would recommend that.


Is there a better solution for people who wear glasses?

Yes there is. If you are a frequent player or are thinking of buying a VR headset, you might be interested in this company that can supply special prescription lenses that actually fit inside the VR headset that you specify. You can see their web site here, they are called vr-lens-lab


Can I choose what I will experience before I arrive, or see the titles available?

Yes you can. Click on our VR Experiences and games pages and you will see a list of all the titles, with links to descriptions, videos and features, and our ratings.


What if I have more questions or wish to contact someone from Centre VR?

Please ask our friendly team members on site, email us at support@centrevr.co.uk, or call 01202 372372