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How It Works

Join now for one month at £15, or a whole year at just £80


The HALF PRICE CLUB from Centre VR provides you with half price on EVERYTHING at Centre VR, including parties, for the low price of just £15 for one month.

For every player to pay half price, every player must join the Half Price Club. There is also an annual option.

Once a player has joined the club for the month (or year) every Centre VR experience is available at half price.

Players join immediately, and it lasts for a month from when purchased. You can call call us or visit our store to buy an annual pass for the club.


Your Choice usual price per hour £35.00
Join Half Price Club £15.00
Your Choice Half Price  £17.50
Total Cost of Half Price Club and Your Choice £32.50 (saving £2.50)

PLUS, the next hour of Your Choice on the same day, or within the month is just £17.50. Or you can experience an exciting adventure, like the new Alice In Wonderland, or the amazing Assassins Creed titles for just £17.50 per person. Tower Tag, RevolVR or ARENA experiences are just £15 for 3 games if you are in the Half Price Club. Every and any virtual reality experience is available at Half Price while you are in the Half Price Club.

And with our competitions and tournaments launching soon, now is the perfect time to join the Half Price Club to get some practice to join our e-sports teams, ready to enter Worldwide competitions for some huge prize money.


For just £80 per year, paid as one payment, with no other commitment, you will receive HALF PRICE on all your bookings for a whole year from the day you join online. We will also provide other special benefits for annual pass holders such as free competitions and tournaments, free game nights, advance previews of new titles, beta testing of games, special offers on merchandise, and offers in our Coffee Shop.

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