Centre VR

Bh2 Leisure (Odeon Complex)

Bh2 Odeon Cinema Complex
(Opposite Miller & Carter)
Exeter Crescent

01202 372 372


Opposite Miller & Carter on the Upper Ground floor of the Bh2 Odeon cinema complex in the heart of Bournemouth.

We have 6 Tower Tag stations allowing you to play against one other, or in teams of 2v2 or 3v3.

There is also a single car simulator on a motion platform, plus 2 other car simulators, and a flying simulator.

Our larger Centre VR will open in the Richmond Shopping Centre in BH1 soon, which will have more than 30 VR stations, including 15 driving/flying experiences and 6 Tower Tag stations.

Opening Hours:

Mon:1100 - 2300
Tue:1100 - 2300
Wed:1100 - 2300
Thu:1100 - 2300
Fri:1100 - 2300
Sat:1100 - 2300
Sun:1100 - 2300

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