Centre VR

BH2 Leisure Complex

BH2 Leisure Complex
(Opposite Miller & Carter)
Exeter Crescent

01202 878 300


Our BH2 Centre is the home of Tower Tag!

Opposite Miller & Carter on the Upper Ground floor of the Bh2 Odeon cinema complex in the heart of Bournemouth.

We have 6 Tower Tag stations allowing you to play against one other, or in teams of 2v2 or 3v3.

Our larger Centre VR will open in the Richmond Shopping Centre in BH1 soon, which will have more than 30 VR stations, including 15 driving/flying experiences and 6 Tower Tag stations.

Opening Hours:

Mon:1200 - 2130
Tue:1200 - 2130
Wed:1200 - 2130
Thu:1200 - 2130
Fri:1200 - 2300
Sat:1100 - 2300
Sun:1100 - 2100

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