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Oblivion Arena (PC GAMING)

£10 all day

(Inside Centre VR)

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Oblivion Arena - PC Gaming

£10 per session (up to all day)

“All you can eat”

Play solo or with your friends or team members for as long as you like, each day for just £10 per session, which can last all day.

If you leave the station for 10 minutes or more your session ends, but you can take another session, subject to availability.

You can order from our coffee shop from your station, including Papa Johns Pizza, and your items will be delivered to your station. Coffee, tea, cold drinks, hot dogs, ice creams, confectionary, all available from your powerful PC gaming position.

Our revolutionary new system is subject to availability, so book early to avoid disappointment.

When you book you will have options to choose the duration. If you know you will not be in all day please book the shortest duration to allow others to book.

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