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Parties at Centre VR

Quick Details

The most high tech and futuristic parties at Centre VR.


The huge range of titles and options available ensure that parties for groups of all ages, similar or widely different, will be enjoyed and remembered by everyone.

The most high tech facility in the UK, with 30 of the best virtual reality headsets and exclusive VR content provides an unprecedented choice of adventures, experiences and games.

Younger children, teenagers, and adults, are all catered for, with guests able to enjoy solo time or participate in group activities.

VR Parties are back!

You’ve had to miss out on a lot of things during lockdown, but here’s something you’ll remember, for all the right reasons. A fun-packed, COVID-compliant birthday party (with the food of your choice) at Centre VR.

We have created 2 x huge party rooms where party guests play in their own safe 2m x 2m play space for the duration of the party. You might be standing far apart, but thanks to the wonder of virtual reality, you’ll enjoy the experience of being side by side, having an action-packed adventure with all your friends.

Longer parties, even better value.

Our previous 1 hour VR party sessions used to sell out months in advance, but they’re now even better than ever, lasting a full, fun-packed 90 minutes.

The new Multipass Ultimate party is 2 hours long, allowing guests to enjoy one of our 18 adventures together, then choose anything else afterwards as well. Everything is included.

Your Party, Your choices:
  • Your guests can choose to continuously enjoy their VR experience for the entire 90 minutes in the standard parties or 2 hours in the Multipass Ultimate.


  • Pause and enjoy any food and drink you have organised, in their own safe 2m x 2m play space, at any time.
How we keep you safe
  • Prior to the party starting, the entire space is cleaned with antimicrobial cleaning products and the headsets are further sterilised with UV light wands.
  • When food is wanted, each guest is provided with a chair and table in their safe play space by their headset.
  • We also position a large table in the centre of the room.
  • Each guest individually collects their food and drink, then returns to their own safe 2m x 2m play space.
  • For those waiting, we offer a comfortable and relaxing separate place to wait, eat, drink chat, and watch, with free (reliable & fast) WiFi, and a TV with a Playstation 4 or Xbox One that you control, free.