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Poole High School STEM Enrichment Day with Centre VR

Poole High School joined us for their STEM enrichment day on 30th June 2022.

Students spent 3hrs at Centre VR becoming immersed in Virtual Reality.

The day started with a presentation from Centre VR Founder and Managing Director – Colin Parnell. He took the group through some of the history of virtual reality and it’s applications across different industries right now and in the future.

a person standing in front of a stage

Next the group explored a range of maritime inspired titles which saw them exploring underwater in the Blue and as a group of divers photographing different marine life. They kayaked down a gorgeous river and then flew around the globe in Google Earth.

a group of people wearing costumes

Because everyone participated so well, they were rewarded with some free time to play some of our top VR games including All Sports and Job Simulator.

a screen shot of a video game

Finally – their teachers were great sports as they rode a rollercoaster in our VR pods in front of all the students… And everyone left with an ice cream too!