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Safer Kids VR

Safety Training in VR

Safer Kids VR is launching in September 2022 with the road safety module.

Children will join S.K.I.E (Safer Kids Interactive Expert), our helpful companion, on their journey from home to school and back, with fun activities at school and when they return home.

Using real world technology and programming from Siemens to accurately simulate the main types of automated crossings, and by introducing crossing guardians, Safer Kids VR Road Safety provides a fun and exciting way for children to learn how to cross the road safely.

a woman walking down a street
The Vision

Centre VR has a vision to provide the school children and students of the region the ability to experience one of the most engaging forms of education that technology offers today – Virtual Reality.

The ability to transport students to a world where anything can be done is extremely powerful. Virtual reality can become a time machine. It can place students at the very heart of an event in any time period, immersed in their surroundings. Gravity can be controlled, a vacuum created, space travel, and travel around the world can be accomplished in seconds. The possibilities are endless. Covid does not exist within the virtual world.

Centre VR can also help students to learn about the technology behind VR, showing the possibilities it offers for the future. We can provide examples of how the modern business world has truly embraced the technology.

Many universities around the world, including Bournemouth University, offer courses on how to create virtual reality titles using specialist software.


Centre VR uses the very best VR technology available, the HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift S, Samsung Odyssey Plus and Oculus Quest headsets. Centre VR has more than 40 high spec PC’s to ensure the experiences are the best possible.

Our comprehensive communications systems includes wireless audio only headsets that allow teachers to freely walk around the participating students, watching their activities on the surrounding monitors. Although the students may be immersed in individual titles, they are all able to hear each other, as well as the teachers, allowing full instruction and interaction to take place in a lesson.