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SenictTech Solutions

Climbing & Jumping Experience

We propose the idea of commissioning an experience similar to the New York City Bungie, produced to allow virtual reality users the ability to climb a famous landmark, to see it from a hot air balloon, and also jump from it.

A detailed model can be built of the KL Tower. We would recommend 4-8 headsets could be located high in the tower to allow those who can not, or who don’t want, to really jump off.

This concept is successfully running at the Spinnaker Tower in the UK. The project has recouped all of the initial spend on the production and single VR headset installation in the top floor of the tower. Visitors are charged only £3 to experience this activity.

This application can be exclusive to the visitors of the tower, or it can also be sold on the Steam store to virtual reality owners around the world to help promote the landmark/City.

Tower Tag

Tower Tag is an easy to play virtual reality shooting games which has one trigger to shoot and move, so it is extremely quick to learn.
The game is similar to Laser Quest or Paintball but without the physical exertion and is totally safe for everyone.
Players wear special jackets that allow the players to feel where they have been hit.
Accurate scoring and a screen that shows the overall action is available to show on big screens.
This is an extremely popular title and works very well with adults and children.
Some VR venues around the world have ONLY this title exclusively.

Video produced in house by our video team.

"In One Day" (Education and Gaming)

This video shows how Centre VR locations can attract classes of school children to learn in, and all about virtual reality.

Produced in house by our video team.

Visitor Experience

Two presenters share their experience of a visit to a Centre VR location. This can help to give an idea of what is available.

Produced in house by our video team.

Centre VR Advertisement

This video is currently running on Facebook to advertise our stores.

Produced in house by our video team.