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Centre VR

Virtual Reality Experiences

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Welcome SWR Rewards members,

As an SWR Rewards ticket holder you will automatically be entitled to half price on everything VR at Centre VR, Europe’s largest Virtual Reality Venue. With 30+ stations and huge paying areas, exclusive content, and experiences for groups, including family adventures, and solo experiences and games, we are sure you will enjoy your time with us. With almost every top title available, on the very best VR equipment, and with dedicated, knowledgeable staff members whose primary  role is to ensure that you have the best virtual reality experience, Centre VR is the leader in VR in the UK.


You can book online on our web site to secure your booking, at full price. When you arrive on site and show us your valid train ticket, we will instantly provide a refund and will also offer you the choice to use the credit in our coffee shop or with more VR time.


If you don’t book online, and walk into our flagship store and show your train ticket, you will only pay Half Price for all our VR experiences. This will be subject to the availability of stations of course, so we recommend booking if you can.


Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will help you to select the best experiences for your visit, so you can rest assured that having a huge range of choice means that you will have the very best time in virtual reality.

Below is a list of all the great experiences that you can enjoy. For a detailed description of the 140+ titles available in our “Your Choice” selection, please visit which has detailed descriptions and videos on almost every title.


See how two professional presenters from a local radio station were amazed by Virtual Reality.


Choose from the following at half price (as many as you like):

Play solo or together with your friends! Choose from a menu of over 100 vastly different solo & multiplayer games.

Includes Job Simulator, SuperHot, Angry Birds, Google Earth, Richies Plank Experience, Westworld, Dr Who, Walking…

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