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Virtual Tour

Take a virtual visit to the virtual reality centre based in the heart of Bournemouth, in Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre, BH1.

We have a huge (one of the lowest price in Bournemouth) covered car park above and also an entrance in Old Christchurch Road, opposite the DAYS and TK MAX entrance.

We have lift access, stairs and escalators to the street level and car park, and a shopping centre that contains a Lidl and Wilco.

PREVAIL indoor skate park is next door to Centre VR too! Ask about special offers that feature Prevail.

Click on the image below then move your mouse around and you will see that you can “tour” our premises to view the reception, large play areas, seated VR areas, the meeting room, and the kitchen.

Click on the circles on the ground in the image to move to that position. Enjoy your visit!