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No limits, play anything and everything

Quick Details

The 2 hour ultimate party, “no worries” selection, that allows the guests to play and experience anything and everything during their party at Centre VR.

90 minutes of VR plus 30 minutes party area.

Use Half Price Club Deal with this party!

Use Half Price Club on this package

The Centre VR MULTI PASS ULTIMATE party allows the party guests to arrive at our BH1 store and play any, and every experience, from our huge range of options. For 90 minutes with NO LIMITS.

Your guests have 90 minutes at their individual stations, in the same room.

  • Switch at any time:
    • Any amount of Tower Tag
    • Any amount of “Your Choice”
    • Any choice and time in our Adventures and Escape Rooms
    • Any amount of rides in the VR Pods
  • 30 minutes use of the party area.
  • In “Your Choice”, guests can select from over 140 titles, either solo or multiplayer.
  • Tower Tag is our signature title with 2 teams of up to 4 players. Cool haptic vest included (vibrates when hit).
  • 14+ Adventures/Escape rooms to choose from.
  • Free use of our VR pod (2 riders at a time).
  • You can bring your own food, arrange for your favourite to be delivered, or have us provide a great food package which includes Hot Dogs, Ice Creams and hot or cold drinks (not included in base price).
  • The kitchen is available for you to prepare everything. It includes a fridge, freezer, microwave, and kettle.
  • Our coffee shop offers hot dogs, ice creams, confectionary and of course, a wide range of coffees, tea, and cold drinks.
  • We are located above a Wilco and Lidl.
  • Our MULTI PASS ULTIMATE parties can accommodate up to 22 guests. Our space allows the food to be laid out and collected with plenty of room to spare.
  • Parking in the multi-storey car park provides low cost, convenient parking for party hosts and the collecting/dropping off parents.

Use Half Price Club Deal with this party!

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