Virtual Reality is fantastic for senior citizens and old age pensioners as it can take them out of the restrictions of everyday life and transport them into a world where they are far more agile and able to run, jump, fly, dive and even venture into space or to the moon.

VR has been used to help patients with dementia. It can also be used to show what it is like to have dementia.


So many titles exist that can help seniors and OAPs to experience amazing things and travel virtually anywhere in the world.

Google Earth provides a totally unique and immersive experience in Virtual Reality, capable of taking a guest back to where they were born, where they used to live or where they have always wanted to go.

Centre VR offers titles that can transport guests back in time to specific events too, such as the Moon Landings of 1969.


Centre VR has 30 stations so can accomodate large groups. We have excellent facilities including wheelchair access, large open areas, seated experiences, a large viewing area and break room, disabled toilet, lifts, and covered car parking. It is a very short covered journey from a car to our entrance. We can also cater for coaches in our large, open, car park at the rear. We offer special rates for groups of senior participants.