Virtual Reality is being used in training throughout the world now, and is becoming the established media format of choice for most large organisations who realise the potential savings in time and money that it can provide, plus the additional benefits that the experience gives of emotional attachment and unrivalled engagement.

The video above provides the credibility to show that its now a proven method for training.

The costs, though high at the start, will usually recouped quite quickly, plus additional benfits such as a reduction in risk, use of materials and travelling time.

Larger companies could afford to pioneer the use of VR in training, and now with it being proven by them to be so effective, smaller companies can afford to invest in the technology and benefit in the same way.

The new VR headsets recently released will also make a huge impact to reducing the cost of implementing VR in the workplace.

The longer clip  below shows how Hilton, Purina Nestle, Ford and Walmart use VR.