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Virtual Reality is being used in training throughout the world, becoming the established media format of choice for many large organisations who realise the potential savings it can provide, as well as a reduction in required resources for training purposes. There are also many other additional benefits that VR experiences provide, including emotional attachment and unrivalled engagement.

This video clip from the Oculus developers conference in 2019, shows it is now a proven, highly effective method of training.

Larger companies, like Johnson & Johnson, have been able to pioneer the use of VR in training, and it is now being implemented across many more industries.

Virtual Reality hardware is one of the most rapidly developing technologies of the decade, with Facebook owned Oculus leading the way with groundbreaking headsets and software development. Oculus has had a dramatic impact in reducing the costs of VR hardware.

Centre VR Production Studios are able to create VR training programmes for all types of headset, including the low cost, standalone, battery powered and portable Oculus Quest.

Centre VR has a large quantity of Oculus Quest headsets available for rental.

Johnson & Johnson, Oculus Connect developers conference 2019

a close up of a helmet

Oculus Quest headset with touch controllers, now also features hand tracking

a person posing for the camera

Facebook owned Oculus are rapidly developing lifelike avatars in VR