Your Choice

What is "Your Choice"

As the name implies, our "Your Choice" option provides you the opportunity to choose from over 100 top virtual reality titles to play during a session. You choose from an easy to use menu that provides information on every title for you. You can book any duration from 15 minutes to many hours.

You can choose to play one game for your entire session, or as many different games as you like. They can be solo or multiplayer, and our menu system clearly shows multiplayer titles using a filter.

A list of every title you can choose from is available here, so you can also look before you book and have some ideas of what to try before you arrive.

Chat together - Even when you are playing solo titles, our dedicated gaming assistants can enable chat between headsets, so you can talk to each other whilst in different titles or the same, solo ones. So even non mutliplayer titles can appear to be multiplayer.