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Epic Roller Coasters

Epic Roller Coasters is where you will find the most unique roller coasters of the world. Feel the adrenaline of fast speed, loops and heights in places that you could never imagine riding a roller coaster before, such as dinosaur age, medieval age, sci-fi city and a lot more.

There are three different modes:
– Classic is where you, your family and friends can take a classic roller coaster ride. Don’t forget to take selfies to share with everyone.
– Shooter mode is the perfect combination of two amazing universes! Roller coasters and shooting! You can have a completely different view of the ride with the slow motion feature that will also help you to aim over high speeds and get more hits!
– Race mode: take control of the cart and go as fast as possible challenging your friends for the best score! But remember, if you go too fast, you may fly out the rail!

Each roller coaster comes with a new cart and weapon.

Don’t forget to call your friends to ride your favorites roller coasters with you. You can also compete to discover who will ride the roller coaster faster or collaborate in the shooter mode to hit as much targets as you can.