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  • From £25 Per Player

Tower Tag

The best futuristic multiplayer shooter for up to 8 players

Experience Details

Experience Tower Tag, the ultimate multiplayer action shooter accommodating up to 8 players simultaneously. Immerse yourself in a dynamic virtual reality shooter where precise aiming and teamwork is crucial, navigate between towers and engage your enemies in Team Deathmatch, Elimination and Goal Pillar. Tower Tag offers futuristic laser tag gameplay set in Huge Space based arenas where you claim towers to gain a strategic advantage while dodging blaster fire and scoring points by eliminating enemies. Form teams of up to 4 players each and step up to the challenge. Let the battle commence!


You can switch between Team Deathmatch, Elimination and Goal Pillar throughout your 3 or 6 rounds.

Per Player 3 Rounds (30 mins)
Per player 6 Rounds (60 mins)