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  • £35 Per Player

Premium Free Roam – Ghost Patrol

Experience Details

Join the Ghost Patrol in a free roam VR adventure designed just for young children! Get ready to explore spooky realms, solve mysteries, and have a ghostly good time in a safe and thrilling virtual reality experience.

Calling all brave young adventurers! Get ready to join the Ghost Patrol in a spine-tingling free roam VR adventure at Centre VR! Step into a world filled with friendly ghosts, exciting mysteries, and endless thrills, designed just for you.

Centre VR’s Ghost Patrol invites children to embark on an unforgettable journey through immersive virtual reality. Explore haunted mansions, unravel puzzling riddles, and interact with lovable ghostly characters, all while experiencing the excitement of free roam gameplay.

With intuitive controls and a safe environment, children can freely move and interact within the specially designed space. Guided by expert staff, they’ll solve ghostly mysteries, uncover hidden treasures, and become the heroes of their own supernatural adventure.

This is more than just a game—it’s an opportunity for young imaginations to soar. Ghost Patrol nurtures creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork, as children collaborate with their friends to overcome challenges and protect the spirit realm.

Safety is paramount at Centre VR. Trained staff will be present at all times to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience. With age-appropriate content and a focus on fun and excitement, parents can have peace of mind as their children embark on this ghostly escapade.

Book your child’s free roam adventure with Ghost Patrol at Centre VR today, and let their imaginations run wild. Get ready for a spooktacular adventure that will ignite their sense of wonder and create memories they’ll cherish forever. Ghost Patrol awaits, so gather your courage and join the squad of fearless young ghost hunters!


BOOKINGS – Exclusivity options.

When booking you have a choice, subject to availability, of an exclusive 2 or 4 players arena, where only you and your group will be in the game. You will be booking 2 or 4 players, and gain exclusive use of the arena.

If you are happy to play with other players in the game, then you can book using the 1 or 3 players option.