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Tower Tag

Experience Details

The very best multiplayer action shooter for up to 8 players together in one game and up to 16 players at a time.

Per Player 1 Game (10 mins)
Per Player 3 Games (30 mins)
Per player 6 Games (60 mins)

The most dramatic and accurate multiplayer shooter in virtual reality.

  • Use your gun to shoot opponents and jump from tower to tower.
  • Enjoy multiple massive levels and game types, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Goal Pillar.
  • Accurate scoring and aiming, this is the ultimate VR Shooter!
  • Optional haptic jackets that allow you to feel the hits from all directions, pinpointing their origin, are also available as an optional extra for £5 player.


Tower Tag is our signature game of virtual reality laser tag where up to eight players can play together across two teams in giant futuristic arenas.

Experience the next generation of laser tag and paintball! Tower Tag offers an intuitive method of movement that provides a very dynamic gaming experience.

Claim towers and dodge bullets. Put on your headset, and step into the game!

Play with friends and family against others, each other and with or against AI bots.

2 Teams of up to 4 players per team.