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Road Safety training from Safer Kids VR

Experience Details

Road Safety is the first Safer Kids unit designed to help kids learn how to cross the road. Developed with support from BCP Council and Siemens (the makers of all UK road crossing lights) – Centre VR is excited to offer this fun and interactive program.

Per Child

Road Safety

Children will love their experience in the virtual town of Safetyville, guided by their new friend SKIE.

Our Safer Kids Interactive Expert (pronounced Sky) accompanies the children on a journey to school in the morning, with a quick stop at the shop to buy some fruit, crossing the road in many different ways. The Crossing guards at the school will guide the children to the school gates where they have some time to play in the playground.

Then the return trip home includes a trip to the park, to ensure they enjoy the experience with some mini games, all the time with SKIE letting them know of any dangers that might surround them.

Created with the support of BCP Council, in association with Bournemouth University, and with technical models and data for the road safety signals provided by the leading manufacturer in the UK, Siemens based in Poole, the Safer Kids VR experience is an accurate and effective way to teach our children how to be safe while crossing the road.

Book now for your class from the 1st September onwards.