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KOORING Wonderland VR

Enjoy 6 mini games in Kooring VR Wonderland : Mecadino’s Attack!

Petit Pig and Pepper

Attack the enemy by tickling the pig’s nose with pepper and feathers on both hands.

Dreamy Heart Castle

You can freely climb the fortress wall and ride the hot air balloon.

Mirrorland’s Saber

Play while enjoying the music of Mirrorland’s Saber!

The Mock Turtle’s Magic Shield

Block the flying arrows with your magic shield! Remember which order the arrows or bombs fly in and block them accordingly.

Tooring Stole the Tarts!

Tooring Stole the Tarts! requires concentration and situational judgment as you should aim correctly in sequence to attack and defeat enemies.

Kooring’s Koorobo

Kooring’s Koorobo is quite challenging. Needs accurate detection of objects moving along the guidelines from the top view to the bottom!

Game Play
1) Select the age and choose gender icon.
2) Point and select the bubble with controllers to play the mini game.