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Crazy Golf is amazing in VR!

Parties for 4 to 40 people, playing simultaneously.

18 of the wildest courses, with fantastic holes that can stretch massive distances, and be in fantastic locations, including a candy land, space, gorgeous islands, Shangri La, the Wild West etc.

Each game can have up to 5 players, and we can run multiple games. Each player can choose to hear people in just their own multiplayer game, or across all the games.


Papa Johns Pizza is now available in Centre VR. Order with our menu system from our touch screens in store or on your phone/tablet/PC via our web page, and your order will be delivered to your table inside Centre VR.

You can also pre-order, ensuring your order is ready before, during, or after your VR experiences. Including for parties. Choose any Papa John’s from our menu and receive 30% off with a party booking.

You will be sent a code with your party booking confirmation email.