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  • £25 pp

Propagation – Mission

Experience Details

Throughout this intense immersive experience, thrilling cinematics and a variety of enemies will keep you on your toes.

Per Player

Go with your squad to face hordes of zombies. Your mission is to purge the city of zombies.

From 2 to 8 players, explore the huge city, constantly renewing your arsenal through intense combat phases.

Quite possibly the very best zombie shooting experience available anywhere, and for a team of up to 8 players co-operatively, this experience will take you on a journey that will test your ability to manage  the scariest situations, handle a wide variety of weapons, keep your cool, and to survive. Oh, and also completing a mission to wipe the zombies out from the city. Sound familiar?

This is one of the very best titles in Virtual Reality. But be warned, this experience is definitely an 18+, and not for those with any fear of danger, zombies or terror! We warned you!