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The Centre VR business division provides hire, production, consultancy and installation services for corporate clients and organisations looking to utilise virtual reality in their operations.

We can hire a single VR station or many stations for multiple user engagement. Our business services include corporate meeting rooms with full AV facilities and our experienced VR technicians can assist with any set ups and demonstrations.

Our production division can create a VR experience for your requirements.

Training is fast becoming a major use for Virtual Reality as organisations and business realise the engagement and immersion level that it provides, along with the low cost of prodcution compared to equivalent real world equivalents. Add the fact that there is no danger or opportunity for damage to occur in virtual reality, and the medium quickly displays its potential.

This clip from the BBC's Click programme shows how the first fire brigade in the UK is using VR and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory are working with the police to introduce VR in their training.

VR is already established in most industries in the USA. The second video below shows how NYPD is looking at VR for training in active shooter drills.












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