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An Important Statistic

This video by Oculus, contains one of the most remarkable statistics that demonstrates the effectiveness and importance of Virtual Reality in training. It also shows how Hilton, Nestle Purina, Ford, Walmart, and Farmers Insurance use VR.

Johnson & Johnson used Virtual Reality to train surgeons. The key findings from the independent study by Imperial College London will help define the future of Virtual Reality.

Centre VR Production Studios are an experienced team in designing and developing training programmes in virtual reality and video production.



Virtual reality provides the most immersive option available today, giving one to one experiences that no other medium can match.

The retention rate for training in VR is proven to be so much higher than every other method of teaching, and the low cost and safe way that it can be deployed is ensuring it is becoming the fastest method adopted by organisations.

With the introduction of the Quest 2 headset, with full business support, Oculus, owned by Facebook, are investing heavily in the production of hardware, the research and development of software, and the organisation and promotion of a robust network of developers around the world to support the industry.

Centre VR Business provides hire, production, consultancy and installation services for corporate clients and organisations looking to utilise virtual reality in their operations.

The Centre VR location can be hired for conferences, meetings and team building, as well as VR training for large groups.

We offer single VR station hire to a location, or many stations, linked, for multiple user engagement on site for exhibitions, conferences and training. We have a team of knowledgeable, professional, and experienced technicians to consult, install and operate any Virtual Reality requirement.

Centre VR Production Studios (CVRPS) create VR experiences for training, marketing, business.

Training is fast becoming a major use for Virtual Reality as organisations and businesses realise the engagement and immersion level that it provides, along with the low cost of prodcution compared to equivalent real world equivalents. Add the fact that there is no danger or opportunity for damage to occur in virtual reality, and the medium quickly displays its full potential.

The clip below from the BBC’s “Click” programme shows how the fire brigade in the UK is using VR already, and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory are working with the police to introduce VR in their training.

VR is already established in most industries in the USA and many in the UK. The video below from the NYPD shows how they are using VR for training in active shooter drills.

The fork Lift truck driver training, ground crew aircraft handling, automotive, retail, and Walmart store manager training video clips below show the wide and diverse range of activities that use VR to provide a safe, efficient and cost effective method of training.

Please use the form below to contact us or call us on 01202 878300.

Fire Service
Fork Lift Training
Retail (Future Vision)
Multiple User Training
Aviation (Ground Crew)

Take a virtual visit to the virtual reality centre based in the heart of Bournemouth, in Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre, BH1.

We have a huge (one of the lowest price in Bournemouth) covered car park above and also an entrance in Old Christchurch Road, opposite the DAYS and TK MAX entrance.

We have lift access, stairs and escalators to the street level and car park, and a shopping centre that contains a Lidl, Wilco, gadget shop and Wed2Be are our neighours.

Click on the image below then move your mouse around and you will see that you can “tour” our premises to view the reception, large play areas, seated VR areas, the meeting room (which is also our party room), and the kitchen.

Click on the circles on the ground in the image to move to that position.

Enjoy your visit!

We can create these virtual tours for your company too, which work in Virtual Reality too.

VR For Seniors

Virtual Reality is fantastic for senior citizens and old age pensioners as it can take them out of the restrictions of evertyday life and transport them into a world where they are far more agile and able to run, jump, fly, dive and even venture into space or to the moon.

VR has been used to help patients with dementia. It can also be used to show what it is like to have dementia.

Experience Amazing

So many titles exist that can help seniors and OAPs to experience amazing things
and travel virtually anywhere in the world.

Google Earth provides a totally unique and immersive experience in Virtual Reality,
capable of taking a guest back to where they were born, where they used to live
or where they have always wanted to go.

Centre VR offers titles that can transport guests back in time to specific events
too, such as the Moon Landings of 1969.


Centre VR has 30 stations so can accomodate large groups.
We have excellent facilities including wheelchair access, large open areas, seated experiences, a large viewing area and break room, disabled toilet, lifts, and covered car parking.
It is a very short covered journey from a car to our entrance.
We can also cater for coaches in our large, open, car park at the rear.
We offer special rates for groups of senior participants.