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  • £30 pp

Alice In Wonderland

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Off with her head!

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The most wonderful adventure awaits as you enter the most wonderful and curious world of Alice. It may even be your unbirthday you know.

Enter the most spectacular environments in this beautifully created world of Alice in Wonderland, one of our very best titles. Intriguing and mind bending puzzles await players as they traverse the unique world, interacting with characters from the books, and culminating with the famous game of Croquet, complete with flamingo clubs.

We don’t want to give any spoilers, but virtual reality does provide the creators with some great opportunities to play with all aspects of a most deeply immersive experience.

You will be smiling from ear to ear, like the Cheshire Cat that you’ll meet, as you travel through this great adventure, with up to 6 players helping each other through the journey.

Although this is a 13+ advised age rated adventure, younger children can join with older children and adults, as they can be helped when in the virtual reality, and usually enjoy the experience.

We recommend 7+ on all VR experiences, but do not exclude younger children if parents wish to have them participate and are willing to curate their experiences.