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  • Great for Families
  • £30 pp


Experience Details

Per Player Ages 12+


You start off in your private family plane, jetting off for an amazing holiday. Lightning strikes your aircraft. You are sent hurtling towards a small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. You and your group arrive on the island and now need to survive. Find the remains of the plane, perhaps the radio will work to enable a call for rescue. You need food, water, shelter. The weather is fine at the moment, but could turn at any time. You need to hurry. Use the natural resources on the island. Work together to stay alive and get rescued. A dramatic and exciting adventure for 2 to 6 people.

Although this is a 13+ advised age rated adventure, younger children can join with older children and adults, as they can be helped when in the virtual reality, and usually enjoy the experience.

We recommend 7+ on all VR experiences, but do not exclude younger children if parents wish to have them participate and are willing to curate their experiences.