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  • Single Player
  • Advanced VR Users


Experience Details

Enter Westworld.

Per Player

Enter the world of Westworld.

Set during the events of Westworld Season 2, “Westworld Awakening” is an experience played from the perspective of Kate – a host within the Mesa facility who has attained self-awareness.

To survive a dangerous underworld where no one and nothing is what it seems, you must take matters into your own hands and manipulate the world around you.

As you navigate Delos’ labyrinthine laboratories and offices, you will encounter iconic scenes and settings​, solve puzzles, and interact with (and manipulate) other hosts.

All while Hank, a relentless serial killer host, is in constant pursuit, forcing you to react quickly as you venture further into the unknown.

To escape, you must plunge into Westworld’s secret past and overcome an entire world designed to destroy and enslave you.